Fifty-seven Stories of the Chapter Building

lördag 10 maj 2008

The Tracey Fragments

Movies have over the years changed format drastically. From 46 second clips to 3 hours in only 20 years (Lumieré to Griffiths). For many decades continuation was the norm and rightfully so but after the Studio Era came to a screaching halt in the 1960's new ways of storytelling sprung out of it.

Now we, as an audience are used to getting stories in fragments free from the the usual story telling archs. All from Tarantino to up-and-coming Alejandro González Iñárritu have adopted the technique to a brand new format.

So the point of this, there's this movie you REALLY should see if you are into non-linear story telling called The Tracey Fragments starring the rising star that is Ellen Page.

It has taken the fragmental side of film making to its extreme.

If you are a torrent leecher, check this out.

fredag 11 april 2008

Spam Poetry

This is the awesomest idea ever, take the headline of recieved spam and make it into poetry. Wish I was that smart. One could think that it gets a little old after a couple of reads, but no. I don't think I could write this good.

I didn’t want to hurt your feelings

cheryl didn’t want you to know
your breath needs help
your weight is a problem
you aren’t what employers are looking for
nobody wants to hurt your feelings
you should ask yourself
why does anyone care about you?
Speaking of gouging my eyes out….
a personal letter from santa
writ large
let me tell your wife
you hate to be wrong.


tisdag 1 april 2008

Animate.. chock!

I am a big fan of animated shorts. Everything from stop motion to coal drawings, as long as it moves and/or talks it's ok by me.

I remember the first time I saw this, it was in (I think) animation class in film school. The Quay brothers makes Burton look like Hannah Montana in both talent and darkness. Be sure to check out part 2 and 3 as well.

Street of Crocodiles

Lev Yilmaz is a good example for "substance over style". His technique is simple doodles with a monotone but painfully observant voice over.

Tales of Mere Existence - "I'm Not Going To Think About Her"

That's all for now but trust me, there will be more.

Favorite site EVER!

I've found it, my favorite site. More addicting than youtube, more awesome than myspace. It's bitches!

The idea for the site is painfully simple, make your own digital mixed tape and share with whoever you want to share it with. And now you might be thinking "30 seconds previews" (Facebook) or "limited database of songs" (Project Playlist) but noooo.. You actually upload your own songs from your computer (12 songs, under 10 MB).

If you've read this, check it out and post your muxtape in the comments.

Oh, here's mine:

måndag 24 mars 2008

There was a hole here. It's gone now.

If you haven't already noticed, I don't have much of a direction for this blog yet. The only guideline is that everything is somehow connected or linked with or as a reference to fiction or non-reality, those are my fortes.

If you read this, stay with me.

torsdag 20 mars 2008

Various strategies of being an illegal downloader.

As an unemployed young man my week consists of two television highlights, America's Next Top Model (on wednesdays) and L-word (on sundays).

Sure, swedish television broadcasts these programs but always one season/cycle behind the states. Right now, Americas Next Top Model is in its tenth cycle and The L-word in its fifth season in the states. So what do I do to keep myself updated?

There are a number of ways. Let me share some of them with you, gentle reader.

1. Youtube, this is actually a last resort since I like to enjoy my favorite programs in at least decent resolution. Plus, the ten minute video length often creates bad cuts and multiple downloads.
And it's not certain that the uploads will stay up that long since the certain networks (especially FOX) are very good at flagging and removing copyrighted material.

2. There are a number of sites that collects (with help of members) episodes and movies from different video sites. This is my second best choice. The only downside to this is that these sites often gets sponsored by spamming internet sites (such as Zango) and to watch certain movies and series you need to join them.
Another downside is that mostly, the episodes are ripped from asian networks (or fan-subbed in chinese/japanese/korean) so there's often a level of frustration watching them.

These are some of these sites:


3. To download them by torrent (On how to download), this is probably the best way to watch in hi-res. However sometimes a certain torrent can be hard to find. An easy way to find a torrent of your choice is to either browse a torrent site (such as The Pirate Bay) OR do it more manually and google it.

Let's say you want to download the second episode of the first season of Dexter, what you do is google the term "Dexter s01ep02 torrent", this works 80 percent of the time, what to concider though doing it manually is to check if the site you find seems legit or not (this I leave up to you).


fredag 14 mars 2008

What I did this week

The region-finals of Open Jam was this week. This was shot during dress-rehersals and I choked BIG TIME. But anyway, the actual show went swimmingly and I rocked it out in the end. I am act number two with the accordion.

It has been a pretty wonderful week, I stayed at Mirjam's and she was a great hostess. Hopefully we're going to have a "Kroppkaka boil" sometime soon.

Sometime soon The adorable nihilist will make an apperance on the blog, he'll take on trivial things like The Bible and Death.

Stay tuned and be happy.